Sold in finer sewing and fabric stores all across America, COMFEE™ sewing and crafts chairs are American made and represent the finest, most comfortable utility seating available today. For over forty years the COMFEE™ name on sewing furniture has been your assurance of genuine quality within.

Over the years Stump's COMFEE™ trademark name has heralded many design and engineering developments in knock down, comfort seating for sewing. Consequently, time and again we've seen many COMFEE™ design and construction innovations copied by others.

Nevertheless, it's the fundamental devotion to quality that has given COMFEE™ brand seating the edge over its competitors, many of whom have simply fallen away. Manufactured in the heartland of America, COMFEE™ sewing chairs reflect the rock-solid values of genuine wood craftsmen.

In the end, it's not perfection, but the pursuit of excellence that distinguishes COMFEE™ brand sewing furniture from its rivals. You can be proud of your new COMFEE™ Sewing Chair. We were proud to make it for you... right here in America.