What's so special about COMFEE™ Gourmet Sewing Chairs?

Stump's COMFEE™ sewing chairs and hassonettes are the finest sewing seating made today. That's because they are first and foremost "Real Furniture", solidly built from premium materials throughout. They boast the simple beauty and durability of authentic premium quality furniture. At the same time COMFEE™ sewing chairs have unique features that make them ideally suited for the demanding rigors of sewing and crafts.

Principal among these is comfort. Sewing and crafts activities often require long hours of "active sitting." COMFEE™ sewing chairs, especially our Skipper models, are legendary for their comfort among dealers who demonstrate sewing machines all day long. One of the keys to their unfailing comfort is the use of multi-layered, multi-density foam cushioning. You'll never "bottom out" on a COMFEE™ sewing chair.

Furthermore, each and every COMFEE™ sewing chair, hassonette, and stool has built-in storage capability. This is extremely handy for storing a variety of on-the-spot necessities and work aids, such as patterns, threads, notions, fabrics, etc. The larger COMFEE™ models, the "deep well" series of hassonettes, even have enough under-seat storage to hold an entire serger sewing machine. When you're not using your serger, you're sitting on it. Great for people who don't quite have enough space.

Perhaps most important, COMFEE™ sewing chairs consistently offer consumers the highest value in return for dollars spent. That's because we've done our best to built value into each and every model. From the wood we start with to the finish we end with, we've opted for genuine value at every turn.

You can be proud of your new COMFEE™ Sewing Chair. We were proud to make it for you... right here in America.


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